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Air Conditioning repair & service 

Lexington , KY

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If your AC is running and you're sweating, it's time to call Atlas. We service, repair and install all makes and models of air conditioning units. Atlas Comfort Air is your Armstrong Air Conditioner experts. We can make sure you have the right Air Conditioner for the job. Whether you want to retrofit your existing unit or replace your old AC, we’ll help you select the ideal product for your needs.

Atlas Comfort Air is a Veteran Owned company serving customers in Central Kentucky. Atlas provides both service and installation for residential and commercial locations. With over a decade of experience, our team has mastered the art of AC maintenance and repair. We do more than just change thermostats, we ensure your unit is working at maximum efficiency with our yearly tune-ups.

To ensure that your central air conditioning system is both reliable and operating at peak efficiency you’ll need to have it maintained properly. Don’t wait until something is wrong! Rather, depend on Atlas Air Comfort by scheduling an air conditioning tune-up. Regular tune-ups reduce repair costs over time and help extend equipment life. In addition, proper cleaning of filters and coils will ensure that you're getting the highest possible efficiency from your system.

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A Typical AC Tune-Up Includes:

1. Inspect the entire system inside and out, and test AC operation prior to service and document any specific service issues.

2. Inspect the refrigerant lines and the insulation of the refrigerant lines.

3. Ensure the outdoor unit is level and draining properly.

4. Inspect the outdoor unit coil for damage or anything that might obstruct airflow and lean as necessary.

5. Inspect the indoor coil for dirt or debris and clean as necessary.

6. Examine the indoor blower motor and blower wheel. Clean as necessary. 7. Examine the outdoor unit fan.

8. Check the condensate lines and or the condensate pump.

9. Lubricate all motors and bearings as necessary.

10. Check the outdoor safety disconnect.

11. Start the system and test thermostat operation.

12. Clean-up: We'll pick-up our tools, remove any old filters, and thoroughly clean our workspace.

13. Visit Report: We'll explain our work and document any potential problems or recommended repairs.

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What kind of Air Conditioner is the best for me and my home? 

Armstrong Air Conditioners are engineered to match your homes comfort needs and provide you with the precise temperature you desire. With more than 100 years of experience, Armstrong has been a leader in innovation, product design, and customer service for a reason. Armstrong Air Conditioner experts help you determine the type of system that will work best for your needs and budget. We install new air conditioning systems for Lexington area home and business owners. We have the equipment and experience to add year around comfort for your new construction project or HVAC system upgrade. 

Atlas Comfort Air is a veteran owned, Central Kentucky heating and cooling company. Our goal is to provide you with quality air conditioning or heat pump installation and service at the best possible price. We strive to achieve this goal by focusing on superior customer service, which is the cornerstone of our business. We offer a wide selection of quality air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces from the nation's top manufacturers. Let Atlas Comfort Air help you keep your air conditioner running all summer long.

With Armstrong Air Conditioner experts in the Lexington, KY area, Atlas Comfort Air is the company to call. We pride ourselves on providing trusted service and dependable work.

At Atlas Comfort Air, our goal is to be the premier air conditioning company in all of Kentucky. From the moment you call us to the time that we walk through your front door, our highly trained and experienced team will be there for you every step of the way. We know how stressful having a new air conditioning system installed can be, but we will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a positive experience with through your entire service.

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