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Have you ever noticed that the air in your home has a stale scent?

Many homeowners don't realize that unless doors or windows are open, virtually no fresh air is entering the home. And while a breeze from an open window can temporarily freshen a home, it can also allow conditioned air to escape from the home. This in turn can increase utility usage and costs. If you have used air purifiers, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, or UV lights to clean the air in your home, opening doors and windows can easily negate the air purification work that has been done.

With an air-to-air heat exchanger, the envelope of the home remains at a positive level, preventing unconditioned air from entering the home as doors or windows are opened. By pairing an air-to-air heat exchanger with a UV light, your home remains conditioned and the infiltration of unconditioned air (which may contain airborne contaminants) is less likely.

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By now, it's a known fact that the COVID-19 virus has been wreaking havoc across the world. While science is on our side by means of vaccines, there is still a discussion about Indoor Air Quality that is worth having.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) isn't a topic that has been a primary talking point in society - until this deadly strand of coronavirus appeared. As humanity evolves and copes with such airborne viruses, the discussion of Indoor Air Quality will likely become more prevalent. Whether it be health codes in commercial buildings or residential homes, IAQ is worth consideration.

While there are building codes in place now regarding air quality and filtration, it's plausible that the minimum requirements will become more stringent. Some current building codes require commercial spaces to allow anywhere from 10% to 100% fresh air be brought in and circulated through a building. Many modern hospitals are designed to allow for 100% fresh air infiltration to be conditioned and treated with UV purification systems before the air is circulated through the facility. 

As you consider your own home air quality, know that you have options to keep your home healthy. Atlas can assist in installing UV air purification systems, changing filters regularly, and examining your home for any signs of moisture or mold.

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